• David Bonfadini - The Magic Crasher on ROKU with TVBatch

    The Magic Crasher

    David crashes businesses and other random locations with hidden cameras and captures real moments of people being the center of his innocent shenanigans.

    The Twins Next Door on ROKU coming soon via TVbatch

    Twins Next Door

    Hey everyone, it’s Rachel and Elizabeth! We are the Mueller twins. We are identical twins that are discovering things about each other while learning about ourselves through our lifestyle, challenges, and social experiments. Like our page and come join us on our journey!

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    So why keep them limited to social media channels? Imagine your biggest fans watching you do your thing on their 60" TV!

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    Remember the first time you started your Youtube channel? Imagine having a seamless launch where all you do is what you do best... create videos! We navigate the rest.

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    Connected TV enables you to surf a wide-range of content apart from that provided by
    the cable provider.

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